“If you are a sincere seeker, or even just someone who experiences the stresses and perplexities of life, this school could be of tremendous benefit to you.”

Every ingredient of authentic, traditional yoga. Most students begin with Hatha, which is the exercise system of postures, breathing, et cetera.

All of the hatha classes are suitable for beginners.

No. Just arrive five minutes before commencement.

Variable, as students attend as often as they like.

Yes, and both women and men attend.

Wear anything you can stretch in easily. Bring a yoga mat or narrow towel to work on. In winter we also recommend bringing a light blanket to use during relaxation at the end of the class.

Yes, and we request you always to park on the premises, not in the street.

Yes. Pre-teenaged children may accompany their parents.

Please refer to the Contact tab in the menu above. The first time you come to the Yoga Centre, please carry a map or use a GPS.

Yes, in the first three months, with your doctor’s approval, but we advise against performing certain postures (ask the teacher).