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Meditation & Philosophy

Philosophy of the Masters & Meditation Training Mondays at 17h30 Classes in Vedantic philosophy and meditation practice, either presented as a formal lesson or as a question-and-answer session, where all spiritual/religious inquiries are welcome. What is the Mystic Philosophy of the Masters? Subjects expounded in the Mystic Philosophy of the Masters includes: Cosmogony Formation and dissolution of

Karma as Disease

Karma as Disease by Swami Isvaramayananda The only existence is consciousness, manifesting itself in infinite variety, in a perpetual flux of energy patterns within energy fields, within energy patterns within energy fields ad infinitum. This is the universe, and the universe is God. The body of God is the infinite ocean of

Meditation, the Only Way to Liberation

Sunrise meditation at the Sivananda School of Yoga Meditation, the Only Way to Liberation By Swami Isvaramayananda Consciousness is layered: a spectrum of co-extensive, interpenetrating vibrations. The yogi knows that the mind is not man‘s highest quality of consciousness, and that reason is not man‘s highest faculty. To attain realisation, he/she must

Transcending Religion (by Manly Palmer Hall)

Members of the Sivananda School of Yoga in Delhi Transcending Religion: A manifesto based on statements by Manly Palmer Hall Our yoga centre offers enlightenment in the form of the eternal verities as shrined in the Scriptures, and in the ways humanity has ever received Divine guidance and revelation; that is in meditation

Ananda Kutir, Cape Town

Ananda Kutir Ashram Our friends in Cape Town One of the foremost disciples of H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj, who significantly contributed to the world-wide dissemination of Yoga by teaching Integral Yoga, was Sri Swami Venkatesananda. Swami Venkatesananda regularly visited South Africa and it was through his inspiration and guidance that Mother Yogeshwari began teaching

Thoughts on Advaita

"If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." Thoughts in Advaita & Good and Evil by Swami Isvaramayananda The Doctrine of Advaita Vedanta: The Non-dualist Teachings in the Upanishads “Om purnam adah purnam idam purnaath purnam udachyate Purnasya purnam adaaya purnam eva vasishyate” “That is the whole. This is


MEDITATION A comment by Swami Isvaramayananda Based on a statement by Swami Chidananda The authentic meditation process is a communion between the individual and the Universal Being; is an inner spiritual linking of oneself with God; the flow of the human consciousness towards the eternal divine consciousness … Eventually, persistent, deeply concentrated attention, suddenly


Navaratri in Rishikesh with two of our Sivananda School of Yoga sadhaks Yoga by Swami Isvaramayananda Yoga is the mystical path within, and transcending, religion. For the Hindu, Sanatana Dharma (Eternally Righteous Way) is the religious foundation of Yoga. For a yogi of a different culture, Hinduism provides a traditional background. Who

My Guru

My Guru By Swami Karunananda Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya Sri Swami Isvaramayandandaji Saraswati Maharaj is a True Guru. Of this, his disciples, of which I am one, have no doubt. My spiritual journey with my Guru began on the 17th January 1985 when I accompanied a friend to Sivananda School of Yoga

The Philosophy of Life

The Philosophy of Life By Sri Swami Krishnananda Courtesy of www.swami-krishnananda.org Beloved immortal Atman. Human life has been always considered very sacred because it is accepted that it has a very noble purpose to serve and it is directed towards the achievement of something sublime, though invisible today to mortal eyes. Right

The Next Step in Meditation

The Next Step in Meditation By Sri Swami Krishnananda Courtesy of www.swami-krishnananda.org Question: Swamiji, you said that we should forget we are human beings. How is it to be done – that is, how are we to forget that we are human beings? Swamiji: I will tell you one thing now. How can

The First Step in Meditation

The First Step in Meditation By Sri Swami Krishnananda Courtesy of www.swami-krishnananda.org Our eyes are telling us that everything is different from every other thing. If we look at the body of a person, we will find that every part is different from every other part, but they are not really disconnected. Even

How to Meditate

How to Meditate By Sri Swami Venkatesananda So many textbooks are available on meditation nowadays that everyone has some idea of what it is all about. In brief, meditation is the most wonderful adventure: ‘Discovery of self’. Meditation enables us to enjoy consciously the peace, happiness and revitalisation that we unconsciously have in sleep.

Guru and Disciple

Guru and Disciple by Sri Swami Venkatesananda Courtesy of Divine Life Society of India In his books Swamiji has given the essence of traditional teaching, imparting to those teachings the secret message of how to keep in touch with this truth, how to make it an integral part of one’s life. The

Why Yogis do not Solicit Teachings from Discarnate Souls

Why Yogis do not Solicit Teachings from Discarnate Souls  By Swami Isvaramayananda In 2002 Swami Isvaramayananda, President of the Sivananda School of Yoga, issued the pamphlet titled "A True Spiritual Path - True Mysticism Compared with Religion, Occultism and Intellectual Investigation". It summarizes the philosophy of Swami Isvaramayananda, and the Yoga School's

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