Be a Yogi

By Swami Isvaramayananda

In northern Kerala, near the town of Kanangad, lies Anandashram, a beautiful haven of peace founded by Papa Ramdas. A remarkable feature of this ashram is its freedom from politics. As a policy promoted by all, there is no gossip or disclosing “because it is only my duty ……” Management and residents are in harmonious co-operation in all that they do, and once a decision has been taken, all comply with it contentedly.

To disseminate teachings, Anandashram publishes a magazine titled “The Vision”. As noteworthy as the atmosphere of peace, love and joy which pervades the ashram, is a policy of the magazine’s editors: complaints may not be aired in it, and every article is intended to leave the reader feeling uplifted, encouraged and optimistic. Let us follow Anandashram’s example.

If you are a genuine yogi, compared with one who “does” (?) Yoga, you are at the Sivananda School of Yoga for only one reason: your spiritual progress. You have no interest in ashram politics, and you refuse to listen to gossip, let alone repeat it. You mind your own business as you focus on your quiet, inner path of sadhana, and try to express only peace, light, love and joy.

Whenever we repeat the prayers of Swami Sivananda and Saint Francis of Assisi, let us be acutely aware that we should be trying sincerely to be living embodiments of the ideals expressed in them. Let us make our Yoga School a centre where members and visitors feel their spirits soaring, as they sense the pure atmosphere of Gurudev’s holy abode and our devotion. Then we will be true servants of God and guru.