“I thought I may need to move to the Himalayas and live as a recluse in order to study the grand philosophy that is Vedanta. Much to my delight, I have found it available  right here at my doorstep in Johannesburg, at the Sivananda School of Yoga.”

Contact the Sivananda School Of Yoga

Sivananda School Of Yoga 4 Tyson Road, Parkview, Johannesburg (off Westcliff Drive).

Sivananda School Of Yoga Tel: 011 646 4084 / 066 335 3787

Sivananda School Of Yoga We don’t receive inquiries by email. Please feel welcome to pitch up 15 minutes before any class and inquire in person [Please always park inside the property if possible, otherwise on the yoga school’s side of Tyson Road.]

Sivananda School Of Yoga Please contact us on Sivananda.Joburg@gmail.com for information about Hatha Yoga sessions via Zoom.