Saturday at 17h00 & Sunday at 09h00

“Satsang” (true association) is a devotional meeting wherein yogis explore in fellowship the intellectual, esoteric and mystical aspects of yoga and its underlying philosophy.

Satsang is open to all. It includes music, song and prayer, readings and a discourse and arathi (light-waving ceremony), followed by consuming prasad (consecrated food).

Satsang is the easiest route into exploring the “spirit” of Yoga.

We also enjoy a Philosophy of the Masters class (combined with a brief meditation session) on Monday evenings at 17h30, also in the Satsang Hall.

“The Yoga school represents a wholesome reprieve from the madding crowd, a place of tranquility, a place to physically and spiritually rebalance.”

Archives of our recent Satsang discourses

For your further spiritual nourishment, please enjoy Swamiji’s discourses from our previous Satsangs here: