Hari Om

Please see eulogy for our dear Elaine Lindsay below (and for a PDF Link click here).

Please also see our Spring newsletter below — followed by:

  • the current timetable of our classes
  • an archive of our recent Satsangs (in video and text for your convenience), and
  • a stern warning about Covid19.

Online Classes

The Sivananda School of Yoga is running online (Zoom) Hatha Yoga classes. At present classes are held as follows:
Mondays 9.00 am and 17.30 pm
Tuesdays 7.00 am
Wednesdays 9.00 am
Thursdays 7.00 am
Fridays 9.00 am and 17.30 pm 
Saturdays 8.30 am
Sundays 8.30 am
(All the above are South African times)

A weekly Question & Answer Philosophy class is held Mondays 17.30 pm.
A weekly Yoga Nidra / Relaxation class is held Wednesdays 17.30 pm
Our Satsang is held weekly on Saturdays 17.00 pm.

A group of eight teachers currently take the classes and with some of the classes the teachers alternate.
All teachers are volunteers and receive no payment. If you wish to donate to the Sivananda Ashram (Sivananda School of Yoga), which survives through the regular donations of its supporters, the banking details are as follows:
Sivananda School of Yoga
Nedbank Ltd
Account Number: 1975003217
Branch code: 198765

For your further spiritual nourishment, please enjoy Swamiji’s discourses from our previous Satsangs here:
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  • 30 May 2020 (± 33 min) — to read this discourse click here.
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  • 4 July 2020 Gurupurnima Satsang — to read this discourse here.
  • To listen to a compilation of extracts from the music from our Gurupurnima Satsang of 4 July, click here.
  • 25 July 2020 (± 31 min, discourse begins at 9 min) — to read this discourse click here.
  • 1 Aug 2020 (±70 min, discourse begins ±21½ min) — to read this discourse click here.
  • 8 Aug 2020 (±85 min, discourse begins ±3 min) — to read this discourse click here.
  • 15 Aug 2020 (±45 min, discourse begins ±1 min) — to read this discourse click here.
  • 29 Aug 2020 (±35 min, discourse begins ±1 min) — to read this discourse click here.

If you have friends who wish to join the classes please ask them to email the ashram at Sivananda.Joburg@gmail.com
Because of the numbers of people who join the classes we request that you mute your microphones unless requested to do otherwise by the teacher.
Enjoy, stay safe and breathe,
Yours in Sri Gurudev


Revered Devotees of Swami Sivananda,

It has become quite obvious that many of you are ignorant about the dangers you face and, moreover, the dangers to which you are exposing others. Many have the virus without being aware of it, but these asymptomatic people can be infecting those with whom they come into contact. Moreover, a person can slowly change from asymptomatic to feeling slightly below par; then suddenly, within the space of just an hour, pass from feeling mildly unwell to needing intensive care in a hospital.

Those who are most at risk of dying are those with comorbidities, including any one – just one – of the following few examples:
Overweight (above body mass index); Diabetes; Respiratory tract disease; Heart problems; Poor circulation; Hyper- or hypothyroidism; Tuberculosis.

If you already have an illness – any illness – God help you. Keep away from every selfish fool who does not respect the virus. Better still, keep far away from everyone, and do not allow them into your home.


You have been in contact with everyone in whose company your friend or family member has been. If you receive into your home anyone who is not your spouse or partner or resident family member, you are putting at risk not only yourself. You could be an asymptomatic menace to many.

Don’t be selfishly complacent. Moreover, adopt the manners of the refined aristocracy, who are taught that it is ill-mannered and antisocial to cough or sneeze near others. That standard should become the new norm for all.

The virus can survive on metal and plastic for up to seventy-two hours. It is carried, airborne from those who laugh, shout or even sing loudly, and for many metres (not only two) from those who cough or sneeze. Fans and air conditioners also spread it.

Those of you who do not watch both international news as well as local news could be out of touch with the reality of this menace.

Please become properly informed, and proceed accordingly.

Prem & Om,
Swami Isvaramayananda