“For some, and for me, this is a real-life “cave” for the yogi who strives in yearning quest for the Infinite.”

What is Mantra Repetition and Meditation?

Japa (Mantra Repetition), the occult science of repeating mystical sound formulae, is an essential, indispensable part of Tantra, the inner sadhana (spiritual curriculum) of the advanced yogi. We teach it in our Meditation and Philosophy sessions. Those who are accepted for initiation into the guru-disciple relationship are given a personal mantra and taught the sacred meditation technique.

Meditation is the yogi’s supreme practice. All other practices constitute the yogi’s ongoing preparation and conditioning for meditation. Only meditation can lead to enlightenment, and without meditation there is, literally, no Yoga. The sacred technique is imparted during Mantra Diksa (initiation).