What is the Mystic Philosophy of the Masters?

Classes in Vedantic philosophy and meditation take place on Monday evenings from 17h30 to 19h00. These classes are led by Swami Isvaramayanandaji Maharaj, mystic, esotericist and spiritual leader of the Sivananda School of Yoga. They are extremely popular as Swamiji has a wonderful way of communicating the loftiest spiritual concepts to seekers of all levels of understanding.

The Philosophy expounded in the Vedas is the foundation of Indo-Egyptian religion, from which all of the world’s great religions are descended. It is the knowledge of the ancient mystery schools – about: life before and after death; karma and reincarnation; the sacred meditation technique of mystics and initiates; expansion of consciousness and the siddhis (psychic faculties), and very much more. It is still known to the masters, and expounded for sincere seekers.

Links to in-depth articles by our Swami Isvaramayanandaji on the subject:

A door at our affiliated Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, India

“The deep wisdom and loving compassion I have experienced here have been an inspiration, a comfort and a guiding light.”