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Welcome to the
Sivananda School of Yoga

The Sivananda School of Yoga was established in 1956 and is affiliated to the Divine Life Society of India, with a spiritual lineage thousands of years old. Set in a beautiful garden property on top of the Tyson Road hill in Parkview, Johannesburg, the School is a registered public benefit organisation.  The School offers Hatha, Meditation and Philosophy, Satsang and also serves as an ashram for spiritual aspirants.


Hatha involves bodily exercise with breathing techniques. The purpose of Hatha is the attainment of Pranayama (life-force control), the purpose of which, in turn, is to facilitate meditation. Hatha employs Asana (seat/posture), Bandha (energy locks), Kriya (cleansing processes) and Mudra (energy-directing poses and gestures). For information such as Hatha timetables and so on, see here.

Meditation and Philosophy

The Philosophy of the Masters is the knowledge of the ancient mystery schools, which is known to our masters about: life before and after death; karma and reincarnation; expansion of consciousness; siddhis (psychic faculties) and much more. In these sessions we expound the doctrine, and teach and practice the first stage of the meditation technique, of mystics and initiates.


Satsang (pure company; association with truth) is a devotional meeting whereby yogis explore, in fellowship, intellectual, esoteric and mystical aspects of Yoga and its underlying philosophy.  It includes chanting, readings, a short discourse, prayers and aarti (light-waving ceremony) followed by prasad (consecrated food). Satsang is open to the public free of charge.